Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Your pool equipment requires annual maintenance to insure that it stays in top
condition at all times.  Avoid untimely equipment failure with our seasonal maintenance

Heavenly Pool Service will provide:
Filter Service
Chlorinator Service
Poolsweep Tune-Up
Control System Check
Heater Service
Backwash Valve Service
Salt System Checkup
Valve Lubrication  

We offer a full line of remodeling options for your pool.
We professionally manage every aspect of the job and stand behind every job we do. As a service
company, we want to develop a long-term relationship with each customer, so that drives us to
make sure that every job is done well.
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quotes and service
Weekly Pool Maintenance

We provide you with a clean, clear, well-maintained swimming pool ready for you and
your family to enjoy.  Please note:  We do NOT offer "chemicals only" service.

Heavenly Pool Service will:
Vacuum (or leafmaster) the pool
Brush the walls, tile and steps
Net the pool surface
Empty all pump trap baskets
Empty all skimmer baskets
Empty the pool cleaner bag
Backwash the filter (1x/month for DE filters)
Water chemistry analysis
Chemical adjustment (includes ALL chemicals needed)
Check the equipment for visible problems
Leave a note detailing the visit including water chemistry

In some cases, more extensive disassembly and troubleshooting is required which can be done at
our normal hourly rate upon your approval.
Pool Services Inc.